Psychiatric Emergency: What to Do and How to Get Help

In today's fast-paced world- pressure of daily life take a toll on our mental health. It's essential to recognize, that mental health is as crucial as physical health and seeking help during a psychiatric emergency is vital. This blog post aims to provide- guidance on what to do and how to get help in such situation.

Psychiatric Emergency

Understanding Psychiatric Emergency

Psychiatric emergency is situation, where an individual's mental health is at immediate risk. This emergency can encompass a range of condition, including severe depression, acute anxiety, suicidal thought, hallucination or mania in bipolar disorder. It's crucial to acknowledge, that psychiatric emergency require urgent attention- just like other medical emergency.

Psychiatric Emergency

Actions to Take During a Psychiatric Emergency

First step during psychiatric emergency is to ensure- the safety of individual and those around. Here are some essential actions to take:

1. Stay Calm and Provide Emotional Support

During psychiatric emergency, it is important to remain calm. Your demeanor can have significant impact on the person in distress. Offer words of comfort and let know that you are there to support them.

Psychiatric Emergency

2. Remove Potential Harmful Objects

If person is displaying signs of self-harm or has access to potentially dangerous objects- it is crucial to remove them from their immediate environment. This could include sharp objects, medication or any other item, that could be used to cause harm.

3.  Encourage Communication and Active Listening

Engage in active listening and encourage the person to express their feelings and concern. It is important to validate their emotions and offer reassurance, that help is available. Avoid passing judgment and allow to share their experience without interruption.

Psychiatric Emergency

4.  Stay with the Person and Monitor Their Condition

During a psychiatric emergency, it is essential to stay with person until professional help arrive. Monitor their condition closely, looking out for any sudden changes or worsening symptom. This presence can offer reassurance and prevent potential harm.

Seeking Professional Help

While providing immediate support during psychiatric emergency is crucial. It is equally important to seek professional help. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Contact Emergency Service

In India, emergency helpline number is 112. Call this number and clearly state that you require assistance for psychiatric emergency. Provide the required detail- such as the location, person's condition and any relevant information you gathered during your initial response.

2. Reach Out to Mental Health Professional

It is essential to reach out to mental health professional, who specialize in emergency psychiatric care. They have expertise to handle such situation and can provide appropriate guidance & treatment. Research and keep contact information for psychiatrist, psychologist and mental health helpline in your region or city.

Psychiatric Emergency

3.  Inform Family and Friend

If the person going through psychiatric emergency is a friend or family member- inform their loved ones about the situation. Their support and involvement can be invaluable both during and after the emergency. 

Post-Emergency Follow-Up

Once the immediate crisis has been addressed, it's important to prioritize ongoing care and support. Consider the following steps:

1.  Encourage Professional Treatment

After psychiatric emergency, professional treatment is important to address the underlying mental health condition. Encourage the person to consult with a mental health professional regularly and ensure they adhere to their treatment plan.

Psychiatric Emergency

2.  Promote Self-Care and Supportive Environment

Support the person in developing self-care strategy- that can reduce stress and promote mental health. Encourage to maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice relaxation technique and engage in activity they enjoy. Create a supportive environment by listening without judgment and offering encouragement and understanding.

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3. Educate Yourself and Advocate for Mental Health

To further support- individual experiencing psychiatric emergency, educate yourself about mental health issue. Understanding the signs, symptoms and treatment option can help you recognize and respond appropriately in future. Advocate for mental health awareness, reducing stigma and ensuring access to mental health resources in your community.


Being equipped with knowledge- how to handle psychiatric emergency can make a significant difference in someone's life. Remember! to stay calm, provide emotional support and seek professional help immediately. By taking prompt action- we can ensure that individual receive the care and attention they need during these critical situation. Let's work together to create a society- where mental health is prioritized and everyone has access to the support they require.


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